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World Regional Geography

Credits: 3Catalog #20809289

World Regional Geography introduces students to the basic physical and cultural geographies of the world's major regions (e.g., Central Asia, the Caribbean). Emphasis is placed on exploring what makes each region environmentally and culturally distinct, on regional human-environment relationships and associated environmental issues, and on the historical and contemporary linkages between the world's regions. Course themes are placed in the context of globalization, including its historical periods (e.g., European colonialism). The world's regions have become increasingly interconnected through transnational flows of people, plants, capital, and microbes, among other things. This course examines how and why the world has become more interconnected, and how globalizing processes have shaped the political, economic, ecological, and cultural character of each world region.

Enrollment Requirements: Prereq: Option1: Coll Read Strat 10808101 AND Intro Coll Writing 10831103; Option 2: English 1 20801201; Option 3: (ACT Reading 18-36 or COMPASS Reading 80-99 or ASSET Reading 42-53) AND (ACT English 17-36 or COMPASS English 69-99 or ASSET Writing 44-55)

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Class #33160
Fall 2015-2016 Aug 31 2015 -
Dec 14 2015
4:00 PM-5:15 PM
   In Person $550.68Seats Available: 34