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Radiographic Pathology

Credits: 1Catalog #10526189

Prepares radiography students to determine the basic radiographic manifestations of pathological conditions. Students classify trauma related to site, complications, and prognosis and locate the radiographic appearance of pathologies.

Enrollment Requirements: Students must be enrolled in the Radiography program. Students must have completed first, second, summer and third semester courses and be concurrently enrolled in Radio Path, Radio Clin Prac 5, Rad Prot & Bio, Cont Soc (809-197)/Intro to Soc (809-203)

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Truax Campus

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Class #64823
Spring 2013-2014 Jan 14 2014 -
May 13 2014
10:30 AM-11:20 AM
Willis,Darcy R  In Person $136.31 Last Date to Enroll: Jan 20 2014


      Apr 30 2014 -
Apr 30 2014
11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Parish,Kay A      


      May 6 2014 -
May 13 2014
10:30 AM-11:20 AM
Willis,Darcy R      


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